About John

In 1977, I ad libbed a line during a kindergarten skit about Old King Cole. It got a big laugh, and I got hooked on performance. I spent the next twenty years working my way through community theater, high school musicals, a BA in theatre arts, and some attempts at being all professional about it, until I took a break to be a dad. And then a little more time off to pursue a divinity degree and get myself ordained as a Unitarian Universalist minister.

I arrived in Los Alamos, NM, in August of 2007 to serve as pastor of the Unitarian Church there. Once I’d settled in, I began to dive back into my love of performance. In the past decade, I’ve pursued acting, directing, writing, design, improvisation, and even a little coaching and teaching. I’m currently working on integrating performing arts and ministry, bringing drama into worship, and developing workshops on improvisation as spiritual practice.

I’m still at it. You can catch me in the act in northern New Mexico. I live, work, and play in Los Alamos, sharing a home with my wife and favorite partner in performance, Jess.