Gorilla VI Recap

A fun Memorial Day weekend with the good folks of Teatro Serpiente. The theme was “classic board games” and I drew Sorry!  – along with an iron teapot and a two person cast. Hadn’t played the game since elementary school, but once I looked up the rules and a picture of the board, a basic dramatic structure revealed itself. From there, it was a matter of figuring out what each character’s “home base” was, and how they were playing the game. I turned in my final draft by midnight (a little later than I hoped) and got a good(ish) night’s sleep before the next day’s adventure.

Drew acting duty in a cute script based around Clue, playing a vagrant in a diner who thought he was Colonel Mustard – lots of laughs. Filled in in a second piece for an actor who didn’t show – a three-line walk-on at the end of a scene based around Connect Four.

My pice, Tea and Strategery, closed out the night. The two actors who drew my scene did a fantastic job playing off the material and adding to it – they gave me some inspiration for a further draft.

If you’re in the Taos area next Memorial Day weekend, come on out to the Taos Mesa Brewery for Gorilla Theater VII.

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