Benchwarmers Preview

I had the pleasure of attending the preview performance for this year’s Benchwarmers at Santa Fe Playhouse. My new short, “The Julian Box,” is on this year’s program, and I was excited (and a touch nervous) to see what they’d made from my script.

Whereas I’d had a bit more input in last year’s production of “For Lack of a Tail,” I stayed completely out of the process this time out (not out of disinterest, but because of scheduling). It’s always a little nerve-wracking handing your “baby” over to other artists. Results are often mixed. I was incredibly pleased with what the cast and director did with my words this time out. While it wasn’t a perfect reflection of what was in my head as I wrote it (and really, I wasn’t expecting it to be), it was true to my intent. It was a beautiful blend of fidelity to the source and fidelity to the intents and truth in each performer. I don’t think I could have asked for better.

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