Benchwarmers Preview

I had the pleasure of attending the preview performance for this year’s Benchwarmers at Santa Fe Playhouse. My new short, “The Julian Box,” is on this year’s program, and I was excited (and a touch nervous) to see what they’d made from my script.

Whereas I’d had a bit more input in last year’s production of “For Lack of a Tail,” I stayed completely out of the process this time out (not out of disinterest, but because of scheduling). It’s always a little nerve-wracking handing your “baby” over to other artists. Results are often mixed. I was incredibly pleased with what the cast and director did with my words this time out. While it wasn’t a perfect reflection of what was in my head as I wrote it (and really, I wasn’t expecting it to be), it was true to my intent. It was a beautiful blend of fidelity to the source and fidelity to the intents and truth in each performer. I don’t think I could have asked for better.

Benchwarmers 2018

My new short play, “The Julian Box,” was juried into this year’s Benchwarmers series at the Santa Fe Playhouse. I’m thrilled to be part of this festival again, and looking forward to what the artists will do with this story. Benchwarmers opens on September 27th.